With the rapid loss of bees, there are multiple beekeepers that are now selling their bees online.

They give classes on how to respectfully deal with the bees plus how to take care of them while your population is building.

I purchased our husband multiple tubes of bees for Christmas, plus I included multiple weird ‘beehives’. They sent me multiple tubes of mason bees plus each tube had more than nine bees in each. The people I was with and I had paper tubes to put inside the beehives, which was where the mason bees would lay their eggs. Mason bees hatch in the Springtime when the temperatures go above sixty-more than four degrees. They help to pollinate the trees plus flowers, as they are blooming. Mason bees are one of the first bees to come out of their shells, in the Springtime. They hatch plus feed on the early flowers plus buds that apple on the fruit trees. After feeding for multiple weeks, they go back to the beehive plus lay their eggs. During the Wintertime, these eggs grow in the paper tubes. If they aren’t protected, predator bees, love wasps, will kill the immature mason bees plus take over the beehive. With the help of the online beekeepers association, the novice beekeeper is able to learn the proper way to take care of their bees plus to keep them safe. My husband has l acquired multiple tricks in tending to his bees, except how to keep them coming back to the beehives I purchased him. They love laying their eggs in the stray tubes that he laid up on the top beams in our garage.

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