Growing up on a ranch in the midwest was pretty much what most people would think it would be.

Early to bed, early to get up, horrible chores, lots of animals.

I kind of enjoyed it, but I can see how some people wouldn’t… Like my little brother, he was never comfortable on the ranch, from when he was first born he didn’t love it. All through childhood my brother always said he would transfer away as soon as he could, and he followed through on that at age 18! My brother studied taxing to get a scholarship, but then our folks still couldn’t pay the rest of tuition, so she went to trade school for Heating and Air Conditioning repair instead. It wasn’t any identifiable degree he was after, he just wanted a way to live away from the ranch, and heating and cooling repair could give that to him. My little brother spent 8 months studying and taking classes before passing the Heating and Air Conditioning certification test and being qualified as a field tech. After that my brother still had to apprentice with an air conditioning business, but it wasn’t an unpaid internship so my brother was ecstatic. I was just so proud of my bro, striking out on his own like that, and the first time he drove out to visit in his Heating and Air Conditioning service van I guess we were all impressed. My brother gave our seasoned central a/c plan a much needed tune-up, and told us it was due for a full clean up.



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