My family is growing by one new set of feet this summer, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it! We’ve spent the last six months redecorating the nursery that our first son used, and we’ve also been stocking up on size 1 and size 2 diapers for the new little guy.

While we’re totally excited about this new addition to our family, we’re also a bit irritated by the recent drop in air quality we’ve noticed on a particular side of the house.

On hot summer days, the nursery, as well as our own master bedroom, are constantly feeling overheated. I have no idea why, either! We just had our HVAC system tune-up only a month ago, so we shouldn’t be having any issues at all. We decided to go upstairs and check the ducts, just to see if there might be any issues I haven’t caught. There was nothing wrong from what I could tell, so I decided to call our usual HVAC service provider once again. I explained how our side of the house always feels much warmer, and he already knew the cause. Apparently, the cause was none other than the heat of the sun hitting that side of the house all day long. That made a lot of sense! From there, I couldn’t tell what the best option was, so I decided to ask the HVAC service technician for his input. His suggestion was to add special weatherstripping to the windows, and ensure that the insulation in our bedroom and the nursery is well-packed into the walls. That’s what will help make sure that the house stays nice and cool all throughout, even on the hot summer days.

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