The best thing ever was when I got a work from home job. I was able to make my schedule so that I can do everything online. I no longer need to get up to an alarm, dress in dress pants and drive to the office. I do my own hours and often am most productive after a workout. However, I need to use my time as effective as possible. It was pressing to design an office area that promotes comfort and focus. I suddenly realized that my desk and chair were a big deal when working. I had purchased an office chair from a local chain store and after finally working for a couple of hours, I had back and shoulder pain. I was unable to adjust the chair to my exact wants. I had found the desk at a garage sale and it wasn’t the right size for my computer. After searching for weeks for the perfect office furniture, I finally called up a custom furniture shop. A designer asked a great deal of questions about what I wanted. I had to guess everything from my height and weight to where I savor to arena my feet while I work. All of us spent a lot of time figuring out the exact layout for my furniture. Him and I had lengthy debates over whether or not I wanted arms on the chair. Because of the custom design, I am now able to work for undoubtedly long hours without any issues with back or neck pain. There is convenient access to electricity through it as well.


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