It’s easy to completely forget about the duct system in the house.

These pipes are concealed inside walls, ceilings and crawlspaces and tend to get ignored.

However, the duct system works just about year round, transferring air from the air conditioner or heating unit to the various rooms in the house. Any leaks or holes in the duct system prevents the heating/cooling system from operating properly. The result is often a negative impact on comfort levels, air quality, running costs and the environment. Duct sealing provided by a professional HVAC contractor can significantly improve system efficiency and pay for itself. Leaking ducts forces the air conditioner or furnace to work much harder. When the system runs longer, monthly costs increase. Plus, there’s way more wear and tear on the equipment, leading to a higher risk of malfunction and shortened service life. Any flaws in the pipes diminishes the amount of conditioned air that reaches the different rooms. The heated/cooled air is allowed to escape into the walls, attic, basement, or crawl spaces. Rooms that are chilly or overheated, no matter how the thermostat is adjusted, are signs of problems with the ductwork. When the ducts are tightly sealed, the maximum amount of heated/cooled air reaches the intended destination and ensures superior and more even comfort. Plus, flaws in the ducts allow dust, dander, pollen, moisture, fumes and all sorts of contaminants to enter the system. These allergens then get spread throughout the home whenever the air conditioner or furnace start up, polluting air quality and creating a health threat.

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