Last week, I’d never heard of a ductless mini split.

These little heat pumps are perfect for retrofit into an older home.

There’s no need to rip down walls for installation of a larger than life duct system. A ductless method can highlight a single room that’s hard to heat/cool or can supply comfort for the total home. A single outdoor compressors is linked to one or more indoor air handlers. The main plus side of a ductless mini device is the small size plus flexibility of the equipment. This type of device is exceptionally effective, offers both heating plus cooling capacity, plus provides the many benefits of having HVAC zone control. Because of the mini system, I don’t need to maintain empty rooms at the ideal temperature! Each air handler is able to be adjusted on its own so that family members can enjoy personalized settings. The unit didn’t cost much to buy at the store or install, plus saves money on weekly running costs. My condo is nearly 2 hundred years old plus the walls are constructed of plaster plus lathe. The walls are also unusually small, so there’s simply not enough room for conventional air duct, then for a long time, the people I was with and I tried getting by with window cooling systems plus electric baseboard heaters. These units struggled to keep up with what we wanted, looked horrible plus were rather expensive to operate. Upgrading to a ductless method has made such a change in the house. I now can trust the safety of operating the method plus enjoy more even rapidly changing degrees.

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