Our cats are working cats.

They protect the alpacas.

They would not want to come inside the home even if both of us wanted them to because they know they are responsible for the alpacas, however it can get very sizzling in the Summer & very frosty in the Winter time outside. I know that farm cats have been living outside for centuries however I felt bad for the cats & was looking into what both of us could do to help them stay comfortable. If human lives have been made more comfortable with heating & cooling than why can’t cat lives be? After some research, I discovered cat houses with temperature control. It is really just a cat home with a ductless mini chop hooked up to it. The cost is a bit high however it looks love something I can do at home. I really don’t need a separate ductless idea for each cat house, I don’t see any reason why I can’t just get one mini chop idea & hook it up to both cat houses. It looks love I just need to get the heating/a/c, drill a hole in one wall of each cat home & run a hose from the min chop idea through the wall & connect it to a vent that dissipates the air. I can very do it in an morning… After all, I am a farm girl, I can build just about anything. I might even look into adding a heating & cooling line into the alpaca shed while I am at it. It won’t make the whole shed comfortable however it may help a little on extra sizzling or extra frosty days.
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