I am the proud father of numerous daughters, plus now they are reaching the pre-teen plus teen age where they need to start thinking about their futures, and unlike most parents I have no agenda, plus don’t want to force anything on our kids, I just want them to find a life that suits them plus makes them glad, and to wit, every one of us have been talking about school a lot, because their instructors tell them they have to go to school.

I explained that this is America, they don’t “have” to go to school or do anything else they don’t want to. I explained to them other options, appreciate trade school to study HVAC repair, plumbing, or welding. They all that idea was hilarious, because no a single in authority had ever told them it was okay for females to go into traditionally male dominated areas appreciate HVAC, but once I told them that HVAC companys go to school for 2 years instead of 4, plus what their starting base pay was, then they stopped laughing. I’m ecstatic every one of us had that talk, because while it is pressing for them to go to school if they choose, they need to believe that HVAC, welding, etc are all fine choices for females. The two of us did a little research plus absolutely found out that the heating plus cooling industry has been actively seeking out females to work in the business. It is a bold up-to-date world, there are no boy tasks or boy tasks, plus being an HVAC tech is a great way to put food on the table regardless of gender.

a/c workman