I used to be a personal shopper for a cruise ship.

Basically this meant I went out and did the clothes shopping and food shopping for wealthy people that did not have the time to do it for themselves. It is a service that only plays is very high end places, so I always labor in cities where I can’t afford to reside. Recently I had an opportunity to replace my job, and get into a more specialized field. Since I already had keys and access passwords to people’s homes for deliveries, I started offering a full service Heating and Air Conditioning package as well. My best pal is a certified Heating and Air Conditioning worker, and I figured that a lot of my purchasers might need work done on their house plan from time to time. They would not want to wait around for a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come by, and they would not want the home to be empty during the work. This way I would be there to supervise the job, the heating, cooling or ventilation complications could be fixed up, and the purchasers pays me a modest fee for the convenience. It has been working out so well for Heating and Air Conditioning labor so far I am going to bring a fixer on board to handle other small household repairs. I stopped doing personal shopping all on my own, because the demand for Heating and Air Conditioning the household repairs was so good, and paid a lot better than shopping ever did.

Cooling technician