My buddy Laura and I do a group physical training class once a week.

All of us have done every type of fitness class together.

Laura and I have done pole dancing, zumba, hot yoga and even a spin class. Nothing truly kept Laura and my interest until this class. The gym is absolutely all personal training in our town. You are not left to your own devices to work out. It is also very different than the normal fitness class; Usually Laura and I Stand in the back and do our own thing for most of the time. All of us then complain every Laura and I are not losing weight and leave after a week. The whole group physical training class does have 10 other kids in it, however it’s clear that every one of us all are there to work. The personal trainer does not keep us wrapped up in whole group the entire time too. All of us work individually, as well as with partners and in small groups too. The trainer is typically constantly moving us around and monitoring us. I consistently get 1 on 1 attention devoted to them every class. He knows what areas of the body I am personally trying to tone and how it is going for me. The personalized attention always makes it so much better. I work harder because I want to eventually achieve the goals the trainer set for me. I also feel I need to impress him each day, and Laura and I just appreciate the class and have talked about upping the amount of excellent afternoons every one of us go.I bet if every one of us chose to go more Laura and I would look so good. I appreciate the class.



Personal Training Center