One of the best things about relocated to Florida, is of course, the weather.

Most days are pretty much the same with the exception of the occasional storm that blows in and out.

The people I was with and I decided that we did not want to live on the Atlantic coast so we moved to a site were we could like the rapidly changing temperatures but be somewhat protected from Hurricanes and bad weather. Tampa Bay was just perfect. Of course many others know the same way so it is highly populated as well. Life is never boring when living in the Tampa section and we purchased at home just outside of the city. The people I was with and I are able to head down for the fun and excitement but our favorite thing to do is play a great round of hockey. The are is perfect for this. There are more than nine professional grade courses in the section and many are open to the public. I can spend the day, soaking up that appealing Florida sun and hockeying with friends. At evening we often dine at the clubhouses because the offer great food and appealing scenery too. If you are a professional or just learning to hockey you will like the experience of a round if you are ever in the Tampa area. The weather is nearly perfect year round, there is a appealing breeze off of the water, and the people are super friendly. Golfing is a single of the best forms of exercise too so for retired people, savor myself, it encourages us to get out and walk around a bit… Moving to Tampa was a single of the best choices we could have made.

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