My grandfather tells me of a time when his family did not live with any HVAC.

At least, not HVAC in the conventional sense.

His family lived on a farm out in the Midwest and only had primitive means of heating or cooling their dwellings. For the wintertime, there was a big, huge fireplace. His family always made sure there was plenty of firewood. My grandfather brags that they would often get such a huge and lively fire going, that so long as the family stayed in the living room, they would remain warm through sub-zero temperatures! When it came to the summer, my grandpa merely said that quite often you had better hope that there was at least a cool breeze blowing so that you could open the windows. He said that later on they got these really primitive fans to circulate the air a bit. They even got their hands on an early portable heating unit, eventually. My grandad said his family would like that for a very long time, and later on when climate control became an option, they were quite amazed by it. These days my grandparents set very conservative temperatures on the thermostat, although I can completely understand why they would be content with less considering the lives they lived in the past! It makes me think twice about overusing my air conditioning or heater. It’s hard for me to imagine me and my family relying on a fireplace or merely opening windows when it’s hot! My kids don’t even believe their great-grandfather lived that way!


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