Last year, in the late spring, I had some major problems with bees in the house. At first, there was just a single bee flying around, scaring my kids. I usually managed to trap the bee in a cup and release it outside. Eventually, we started finding three to four bees every day. I couldn’t figure out how they were getting inside or where they were coming from. When the weather warmed up and I lowered the thermostat, I realized that the bees were located in the ductwork. The air conditioner started up and a bunch of angry bees poured out of the supply vents. There were so many of them that we quickly evacuated the house. I immediately called a local HVAC company, thinking that I’d need a technician to clean the bees out of the ductwork. The HVAC contractor informed me that bees are protected, and I’d need to contact a licensed bee removal company. It took me awhile to find a bee removal specialist in my local area, but thankfully, the guy was willing to come to my home that same day. The removal process was rather lengthy and involved, but was completed without causing damage to my home. I had worried that the guy would need to tear into my walls to access the ducts. However, once the bees were gone, their hive was left behind. I still needed to have the duct system professionally cleaned before I could run the air conditioner. The HVAC contractor was not as accommodating as the bee removal service. I was forced to wait over a week for an appointment.

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