A few months ago, our bestie and I gained a letter from our house supplier.

Our house supplier owns twelve weird buildings in this county, and I think they have another more than 2 in the adjacent neighborhood as well.

We live in an house building with 11 other families. The building is about 30 years old, and they have been making renovations over the past few years. It’s been a slow process, however the owner has been making steady progress. In the start, they tested the exterior paint, stairs, and railings. They fixed the safety troubles and made the place look enjoyable again. Over the last year, they have been laboring on some interior renovations. The notice from our house supplier said they are going to be upgrading every one of our apartments with a brand new energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning machine. My bestie and I were really happy about the new energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning machine; Both of us thought every one of us would save a lot of cash on the energy costs. After all, the up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning unit has to be at least 9 years old, because our bestie and I have been here for more than seven and it’s still the same. We we’re both happy about the improvements, until every one of us came home to another letter this day. This letter states that our rental rates will be higher next year, when every one of us renew our lease. Since they have made some cash improvements to the inside and outside of the building, they want to charge more cash for the rent. I guess I can understand, however I was looking forward to less bills, not more.


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