Until about a year ago, I had never heard of radiant radiant floors.

Radiant radiant floors are a real awesome way to heat a loft or commercial building.

Not to mention, they are major energy savers available. Radiant floors are a bit up there in cost to have installed because there’s some very small amount of construction toil involved. Let myself and others tell you, these radiant radiant floors are nothing short of amazing! I first discovered the radiant radiant floors while I was gone out on a corporation trip, however at the hotel I was staying at, the hotel room had cement flooring with a few throw rugs on them! There was zero heating device in the room, only one of those air conditioner systems! I was wondering where in the heck the heat was coming from. Then, that is when I noticed that the floors were creating the heat! At first I thought something was wrong, maybe a drastic problem occuring that may start a fire from something. It was then, when I called to the front desk about it, they laugh at myself and others as well as explained to me about the radiant floors. The concept blew myself and others away! I will also say, the heating was so relaxing. I don’t think I ever had been in heating that didn’t feel very dry. After this hotel visit, I became obsessed with radiant radiant floors as well as wanted them for our bathroom, but well, I picked them up. Showers in the morning have never been better during those freezing Winter time afternoons! All thanks to a hotel introducing myself and others to these amazing radiant floors!


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