So I decided to join the group and I now go once a week.

My boyfriend went out and got myself and others nutritional counseling at a health and wellness center for my most recent birthday, but obviously this was a bit of a disappointment at first… I probably would have enjoyed a modern wallet, a trip or even a silly visit to the motion pictures before nutritional counseling, but the two of us already have argued back and forth over who is healthier. I understand what he’s doing. I am a vegetarian and have been for years, then my carnivorous boyfriend eats out a lot and has meat with everything. I’m quite sure he was certain that I was not getting any vitamins out of what I regularly eat… So nutritional counseling was more of a thing to prove him right, and the jokes are all on him though. I met with the health specialist at the gym that morning and the two of us talked about my diet plan. The essential vitamins you usually get from meat can be acquired if you eat leafy fresh vegetables and nuts, which I do. The only thing the expert nutritional person did was prove my boyfriend that he eats worse than me most days. The trip was not a total wash though. The little health and wellness center gives group fitness courses, so at the time while I was there for my nutritional counseling a fitness class was intensely going on. So I decided to join the group and I now go once a week. I would probably way rather my boyfriend give myself and others that as a gift. I suppose in a way he sort of did. His dumb nutritional counseling gift lead myself and others to my group fitness class that I happen to love. I do enjoy the fact that the nutritionist said that my boyfriend was the person that needed to make some diet changes.

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