If you live in a camper as I do, you have genuinely realized by now that having an cooling system is genuinely nice in a camper… In a usual house, cooling systems are nice however are not genuinely necessary for comfort, but however, when you tranathletic activity into a camper, you are literally moving into a death trap, however since campers are not insulated well, they let in all of the heat from the summer time air. Without an cooling system, you will abruptly want to flee from your camper. I live in a camper all year, and I am grateful that my cooling system has run separate from fail for the entire time that I have lived here. However, I do have a single complaint about my cooling system that I would appreciate to make know! My cooling system drips water always. I understand that all cooling systems drip water, however most cooling systems are not dripping water appreciate mine is… On a camper, cooling systems are located on the top of your house, which means the water that is dripping down from the cooling system is dripping down the sides of our camper; Periodically, the water from the cooling system leaks inside of our camper, because campers are notoriously hard to stop leaks with. On identifiably moderate days, when the cooling system is genuinely vital and it is too tepid to go outside, the cooling system will begin dripping slowly onto the floor in our house! If I were the a single designing cooling systems for campers, I would realize that this was a crucial design flaw.

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