There was a time when I thought camping might be a great idea.

I love nature after all.

I love watching nature shows on TV and dreaming about visiting all those exotic places. One Summer, my friend offered to drive us up into the mountains near our home town and go camping for real. I honestly didn’t know why I hadn’t done it before. We amassed an impressive amount of supplies and figured we had everything we needed for a couple days. Despite the majestic views, there were two things I didn’t count on, or at least didn’t think about: the extreme temperatures and the bugs. At the elevation where we were camping, it was hot during the day but quite cold at night. We were miles away from any form of climate control and it was beginning to get to me. The tents that we set up obviously didn’t do a very good job of fighting off the heat or the cold. They also didn’t do a very good job of keeping bugs out. Out there, being laid bare to the elements, it just made me wish we had an RV or something. I don’t have a single problem with nature so long as I can retreat into a climate-controlled space while I’m enjoying it. I did my best to not appear miserable during the trip, but my friend sensed that I wasn’t having as good a time as him. Even he agreed that having an RV with climate control would be even better!



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