Many people want to live in a mansion.

There’s something magical about the plan of walking down a winding staircase into an expansive foyer plus greeting guests.

Certainly, much of this ‘magic’ is not reality, a consequence of historical myths about powerful kings plus queens in drawing rooms. This sense of magic is also a consequence of contemporary culture–particularly DIY culture that is shown on TV programs about lake house makeovers, lake house “remodeling” plus “dream homes.” Most of the homes showcased on these TV shows qualify as mansions and, depending on size plus location, can cost half a million dollars and up. But mansions, especially historic mansions, can be a nightmare to heat plus cool. Gigantic spaces are notoriously taxing in this regard due to the math of heating plus cooling depends to an enjoyable degree on insulation and the efficiency of air movement. It is genuinely pretty challenging to maintain a desired temperature in spaces where air, whether hot or cool, can certainly move. This is so in mansions because of their size. In addition, it is genuinely quite burdensome to satisfactorily cool or heat homes that have two or more stories, and mansions that have central heating plus cooling are frequently unevenly air-conditioned because of this; mansions generally have two or several floors, then centralized air-conditioning has the effect of cold spots and hot spots–one floor tends to get extremely hot or extremely frigid when the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan is engaged. Because the plan is controlled centrally in various cases, it is hard to find a way to adjust the temperature floor by floor. The result of this is annoying variations in temperatures in vast parts of the mansion and/or unsettlingly high utility bills due to the central temperature control. While newer mansions have split Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, generally allowing users to control the temperature floor by floor, these units can add large upfront costs of the lake house plus are still genuinely upscale to run plus maintain. Two hundred year old mansions, such as those both of us might see in the northeast, rarely enjoy central heating plus air of this kind. Having a Heating plus Air Conditioning plan installed in structures not designed with modern a/c in mind can also be hard on the wallet and, in some instances, pose a fire or other kinds of dangers if not installed by a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning pro.

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