Life presents unique challenges to someone short in size.

I’m not as underprivileged as a little person, but being a woman at 4’10” isn’t extremely easy, either.

It’s endlessly embarassing all of the times I’m forced to ask for help in the grocery with reaching something on the last shelf or something right below it. Although most people are warm and more than happy to extend a helping hand, I still feel ashamed every time I ask. Not to mention all the times I couldn’t ride the roller coasters at theme parks with my friends growing up. But, as many issues as I face being out in public, in stores, or on the street, nothing comes anywhere near as frustratingly annoying as the hurdles around my house. My countertop is higher than average and makes prepping food needlessly uncomfortable. I am forced to keep a step ladder or step stool in every major room in my house, otherwise I can’t reach things in normal sized cupboards and storage cabinets. Unfortunately, I need a new air conditioner now that my window unit is finally refusing to cool the air at all. It came with the house when I bought it and I’m not particularly qualified to fix, repair, or install anything, let alone a window air conditioner all by myself. I can’t even lift the entire device without help, so I don’t think getting it installed inside the right window is a reasonable expectation either. Thankfully, I found an amazing portable air conditioner that is just light enough for me to get into my house, but since it rolls around on the floor, the only installation process is affixing the exhaust hose to a window and the condensate line to a drain.

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