I work the graveyard shift and I love it. It is always slow, only a few calls, and there is no management to boss me around. It is great. Or, I mean, it was great. Recently corporate had a smart thermostat installed to control the HVAC system. It is locked and only corporate can control the thermostat. It is set to 70 degrees all day but turns off at night. That means I have no air conditioning during most of my shift. My managers have been made aware of it but they cannot change the thermostat. They have contacted corporate but nothing has changed. Every night, about an hour into my shift, the air conditioner turns off and stays off until after I leave. It might be night but it is still very warm outside and inside. It might be time to look for another job if my managers cannot get access to the thermostat setting and make it so the air conditioner stays on all night. I cannot work all night in the heat. I have also floated the idea that I could do my work from home where I have air conditioning. They just have to route the phones and the computer system to my home. I would really like that option but I doubt that management will go for it. If not, they had better figure out the air conditioning in the office before I call OSHA or just leave. It will be very hard to fill an overnight position in a non-air conditioned office.



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