There is a local Heating and A/C corporation that I have used for all of my Heating and A/C needs for several years.

I live in a home with an seasoned central device and gas furnace, and these Heating and A/C units tend to malfunction every few months. I have been trying to work out a plan to purchase a new gas furnace and central for a while, although I don’t have the currency yet. Recently, when my gas furnace stopped toiling at my house, I called the Heating and A/C corporation to see if they could send out a serviceman to repair my gas furnace. That is when I heard a new voice on the other side of the PC. I asked her what her name was, and she told me that her name was Cindy! She had been hired as the new secretary of the Heating and A/C corporation. Unfortunately, the tone of her voice told me that she had a awful attitude. When I asked her to send out a serviceman to repair my gas furnace, she told me that she would have to check the schedule and see. She wanted to option a date sometime next week. I told her that that was completely unsatisfactory. I couldn’t leave my home separate from a gas furnace for a month in the middle of Winter. She cocked an attitude and began arguing with me. Apparently, this Heating and A/C secretary had never been taught how to handle customers. Although I had been faithfully using this Heating and A/C corporation for years, I didn’t want to work with her. I called her boss, and I explained what happened. My gas furnace got fixed that day, and she was corrected. Everything worked out in the end.


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