When I was showing my acquaintance how to scrub out his outdoor air conditioning condenser unit, I had to stress how important it was to shut off the power to the component before getting started… I explained that he didn’t want to reach in there in addition to scrub things up in addition to have the component turn on… Also, you could electrocute yourself if you were not careful or even cause drastic disfigure to the component which would cause the whole Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C program to fail! He took note of all this while I went on to explain how to scrub the inside of the component.

I went over scrubbing the fan blades carefully so you do not bend them, then the people I was with and I went on to taking out any debris inside the condenser. The last step was to carefully spray out all the debris that is stuck on the fin coils from the inside going outwards, however you honestly don’t want to spray all the debris inside the outdoor device because you want everything out of it; While the people I was with and I were spraying the fin coils, I pointed out that some of the fin coils were bent. He seemed distraught love the people I was with and I disfigured the equipment, but I explained to him that the fix was truly easy for that. I pulled out the fin coil brush in addition to showed him how to truly straighten the coils back without any concerns. He tried it in addition to could see how easy it was but I kept stressing that you have to be truly gentle with the coils because they are truly disfigured. When the people I was with and I had everything finished, the people I was with and I put the top back on the condenser device in addition to the people I was with and I fired the air conditioning program back on! My acquaintance was amazed at how much better the air conditioning was toiling, in addition to the air conditioning was ice cold!

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