The past few days have seen me frantically trying to determine why my bedroom is extremely hot while the rest of my house is cooled by the air conditioner with absolutely no problem or hesitation. I can drop the thermostat as low as 65 degrees in just an hour or so and every single portion of my home will feel the cold air immediately, but the second I walk into my bedroom it’s as if I walked onto my back porch. Because I know so little about heating and cooling systems, I couldn’t even begin to come up with an explanation or even vague hunch as to how this is happening. I consulted several DIY forums online that specialize in heating and cooling care, but very little of the advice I received was even constructive. Another week went by and the problem stayed the same with no improvement in sight. I quickly worried there was some break in the ductwork somewhere and perhaps air was escaping into the attic. Clearly, the thought of replacing ductwork was enough to give me a heart attack, knowing full well that I hardly had the funds to afford something like that. I started calling HVAC repair companies immediately and tried my best to describe my situation over the phone. Several refused to speak to me about any of my problems until I scheduled a consultation visit, which I would immediately come to find out wasn’t free. This led to a feeling of total defeat until I found this heating and cooling supplier a few miles from my house. They’re a tiny company of mostly family members, and the second I described my issue to the owner, he asked me to check the air vent in the bedroom to make sure it was not obstructed. When I found the vent completely shut, I felt like a moron. I had spent all of this time, energy, and frustration on something as simple as an air vent that was mistakenly left shut.
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