I love my new car.

  • I recently found out that I was becoming a dad, and I decided to trade in my sports car for a used SUV.

Though I can’t go as fast, I definitely have a lot more room to store stuff, like a car seat. One thing that I appreciate about my new car is that it has an air conditioner, which is one thing that my old car did not have. When we first purchased the car, we noticed that the air conditioner worked very well. In fact, if you let the car run for a few minutes, the air conditioner can make it too cool for comfort. Over the last few weeks of owning the car, we have noticed that the air conditioner is not as powerful as we would like. During really hot days, the air conditioner takes much longer to reach the temperature that we set it on. Also, we have noticed that the thermostat to our air conditioner is strange. It has four settings for the fan, and the highest setting is extremely loud. Our air conditioner blows the cool air at a rapid pace. However, when you adjust the fan to the third level, it becomes extremely quite. In fact, with our HVAC unit, the second and third level have no difference. The first level of the fan for our air conditioner is quieter than all the rest. We are suspicious that there is something wrong with the electric part of our car, which is affecting the HVAC units. Regardless, I love my new SUV.
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