My brother is such a unusual guy. He has been his whole life, however you know, when all of us were kids he was always getting into unusual hobbies. I guess that this latest chapter in his life entirely isn’t all that different, at the root of it, and for the past 3 years my brother has been travelling Ukraine. I know, why? The two of us all wonder that. If you ask me, it’s about the supermodel ladies who walk the streets of every city. If you ask him, it’s about the cheap cost of living as well as his prefer for drinking cheap 2 liters of beer. That’s the thing about Ukraine; it’s not nice, but it’s affordable. This rings tploy for every aspect of life there. The colleges are cheap, but they don’t have plumbing. The food is cheap, but it isn’t necessarily good for you. The housing is cheap, but it doesn’t necessarily come with A/C or other new amenities. In fact, my brother just got his own A/C one month ago! He’s lived in the same apartment for about several years, but the unit never came with any sort of cooling system. He said it was okay getting through the difficult winter, because the heating proposal worked A-okay. However, as soon as the air would start heating up each Springtime, his apartment would start boiling. The sun beat straight in on one side of the place, as well as all the brick captured the heat actually effectively. As a result, his place was sweltering every day. As a result, or maybe it’s unrelated, he would spend all his mornings on the neighborhood drinking with pretty ladies. I guess it’s not such a awful thing to lack A/C in those circumstances.

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