My girlfriend and I have been dating four three years and recently decided to move in with each other.

  • Instead of one of us moving into the other’s apartment, we opted to end both of our separate leases and find a brand new apartment for the two of us.

Granted, we didn’t have much of a choice since we both lived in small, cramped studio apartments with no room or space left in either for another person’s belongings. Despite the stress of trying to find a suitable apartment for us both, we managed to snag a two bedroom unit in a brand new apartment complex downtown. The rent is extremely affordable and things like water and cable are included for free. Our move in and transition period has had its ups and downs, but we largely love living with one another and have taken joy out of choosing decor and furniture as a couple instead of separately like we were used to in the past. Although, there has been one area where we have butted heads, and that is the air conditioner settings. My girlfriend loves it freezing cold at night while she sleeps. I have tried to manage, but it’s hard when she tends to hog a lot of the blanket as well. The only bit of relief I found was sleeping in hoodies every night to keep warm, but this started to get impractical quickly. My preferences are on the opposite end of the spectrum since I typically sleep in temperatures most people consider too warm. This is because I grew up often sleeping with just a sheet since we had a house for several years in the north with no air conditioning, only heat for the winter.


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