By getting a portable air conditioner, we could bypass all of these issues

My mother switched to a portable air conditioner six years ago. She lives in a small, single bedroom cottage and had a reliable window air conditioner for decades. That thing was a workhorse and was definitely built to last. After 25 years, long past the expected life span, we decided it was time to get something new. The thought of having a stronger machine that cools the cottage as efficiently or more so than the last, was a compelling prospect. I spent several weeks doing as much research as I could, even calling as many HVAC suppliers directly that I could. I came to several conclusions at the end of my search. First off, despite the growing number of options, it seemed like moving away from using a window air conditioner would be a smarter idea. We always ran into problems keeping the weather insulation intact that wraps around the machine inside the window itself. Plus, the location was never optimal, as that window positioned the air conditioner so the current of air would blow against an adjacent wall instead of out into the rest of the cottage. By getting a portable air conditioner, we could bypass all of these issues. Insulating the exhaust hose that.connects to the window is so much easier, and as long as the hose can reach a window or door, you can roll the machine along the floor in any direction and in almost any location. This meant that my mother could position the machine to blow towards the couch whenever she’s in the living room watching television, or she could position it to blow towards the kitchen whenever she’s cooking or eating a meal. Plus, the machine we bought is extremely powerful and runs on less electricity than her old window unit.


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