I spend most of my time out in the garage.

  • I appreciate to toil on cars, plus have a pet project in the form of an seasoned Jaguar that has been ongoing for several years now, however what my wifey plus kids don’t get is that it isn’t about getting the vehicle fixed, it’s about working on it.

If plus when the Jag ever does get 100% complete I would actually just sell it plus buy another vehicle to restore, then escaping from the madness of toil plus modern home life into my private world of glass, steel plus chrome is what makes myself and others glad. At least it did make myself and others glad until the a/c broke out in the garage, plus that changed everything. The garage is not linked completely to the main HVAC program in the house. There is only one piece of ducttoil linking the central duct program with the garage, which means there is only one pathetic air vent out there. It has never been very enjoyable with cooling down my toil space, however at least it took the edge off the Summer heat; Something happened to that air duct, plus now I get zero cool air out there plus it is just far toohotto get any toil done. I looked around online plus got some enjoyable price quotes for a small freestanding a/c I can just plug in out there plus beginning using. I have seen the seasoned style window mounted A/C units, however since my garage doesn’t have a window those won’t toil for me.

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