I know my buddy across the street is up to something less than legal! At first I thought it was into something morally ambiguous, however it turns out that she is just running plus corporation off the books plus separate from a permit, but if she was up to something easily bad, appreciate drugs, then I would not hesitate to call in the law. I try to protect my community however I can, and on the other hand, this girl isn’t easily hurting anybody, even if it is against the law, so I’m not sure what to do, her name is Arturo, plus she is a nice girl who is quite handy with working on heating plus cooling systems. She turned her garage into a little workspace where she collects seasoned plus broken heating plus cooling equipment. She takes seasoned a/cs, water heaters, plus other components, repairs them, plus sells them for a profit; This way people from lower income areas can still afford A/C in the Summer plus heat in the winter, plus not have to break the bank doing so, and by providing this service, I know that her off the books HVAC service might actually be a benefit the community, plus not a detriment. Instead of calling the cops on him, I just went over plus talked to him as she was working on an a/c. I explained to Arturo that she should keep the garage closed so no would tell the law about her HVAC business. She said she couldn’t do that, because the A/C in the garage was broken!


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