I feel particularly empathetic towards my wife lately after her fifth straight week of forced overtime.

She is a manager for a large retail store and we are in the midst of the hectic tourist season for our area that lasts through the summer before cold weather returns in late September.

Sadly, she’s lucky to get home earlier than 9pm most nights, and at that point all she wants to do is quickly eat and then immediately go to sleep. I have wanted to do anything I can to help out, so I have started asking her what special meals she wants each night while texting back and forth early in the day. Typically I’ll hit the grocery store on my way home from work and then have it all in the oven and cooked well before she walks in the door. She has said the amazing food helps, but she has struggled endlessly to get a restful night’s sleep with no distractions or loud noises. Our next door neighbors just got a new puppy that never seems to stop barking. It will go all day and all night and drive both of us to the very edge of our sanity. But, she told me something else was causing particular issue with her staying asleep through the whole night. Our air conditioner is loud and often wakes her up, she explained. I had noticed it before, but I’m a heavy sleeper and used to living in old houses with old appliances that make lots of noise. An air conditioner creating a considerable degree of background noise has always seemed normal to me. Therefore, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Thankfully, it was simply a matter of getting the entire air handler cleaned out and a new fan motor to replace the old one which was creating most of the incessant noise. I just hope the new fan is quiet enough to not warrant buying a new air conditioner altogether.

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