Power outages at our house have taught myself and others countless expensive lessons about how to prepare for a storm.

While our area is prone to both intense Summer weather as well as drastic Winter weather, I have successfully equipped our house to be comfortable. Even when the outdoors are at their worst, our air quality remains at its best. When Winter weather is awful, the worst periodically comes to pass as our house loses power. During a bad blizzard, this can go south really hastily. So, I have a generator for our house, using this generator, I power a set of portable space heaters, which I use to heat up the room in which I spend the most time during these blizzards – the living room, of course! I can also have a fire in the fireplace, so between these two gas furnaces, I can stay sizzling plus comfortable. Meanwhile, we can have these really bad Summer thunderstorms that knock out power for hours, or even days! When that happens, the same generator is broken out of our garage. Then, I use the portable cooling towers in our living room. These portable cooling towers work in the opposite direction of portable space heaters, plus deliver ample a/c for myself and others to stay cool plus dry. Sometimes, the weather can prove to be ugly in any circumstance – when that happens, it’s just a matter of finding the best way to cope! That’s why I have our primary heating plus a/cs when the power is running, plus our minuteary Heating plus Air Conditioning device when the generator is needed.

Air conditioning technician