There must be something about myself and others that draws the attention of fate, & makes it request all of our appliances to split down, and every single appliance in our house, from the dishwasher to the clothes dryer, has been repaired or updated in the last 2 years, but i have to be cursed, I just know it! Why else would I consistently have these problems, anyway? Of all the appliance breakdowns I’ve dealt with in the past year, there was nothing more discouraging than the air conditioning system system breakdown I dealt with earlier in the Spring, my a/c unit was already having problems, however the pollen & dander in the air must’ve absolutely done a number to the air conditioning system system to push it into the grave, then to be honest, I had a poor habit of going weeks at a time without replacing the air filter for our heating & air conditioning system system, & I didn’t like to spend our savings on the more luxurious & effective air filters, so I know I had it coming, but still, every single thing I had done to that a/c unit didn’t seem to get the thing back online! I had a team of Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance corporations come & update the inner laborings of the outdoor air conditioning system unit, recharge the refrigerant line, update damaged air duct, & even add duct booster fans to encourage airflow through the house, and nothing worked! My air quality took a permanent dive, & the only thing I could do was update the air conditioning system unit altogether. Several weeks of installed payments later, & our air quality has finally caught up to where it should be.



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