This may sound weird but our partner plus I live in a restaurant.

Well, that may be a bit misleading.

What is now our new home was once a tied up restaurant in a once small town. Now, the restaurant has been long gone plus the little village has now been swallowed up by a metropolitan area. Progress, or what is accepted as progress, never stops I suppose. The building is awesome plus is part of a revitalization project. So, every one of us jumped a the opportunity to be living right in the midst of what is becoming a thriving plus progressive community. The problem was of course cash. Or the lack of cash would be more precise. Our renovation budget became stretched wafer thin from the truly start. And that was before every one of us even addressed the Heating plus A/C situation. Our usual living section plus kitchen are on the first floor. There is still a working central air proposal which handles heating plus cooling reasonablely on the first floor. However, our sleeping quarters are upstairs without any sort of Heating plus A/C. Initially, every one of us attempted to use those old window a/c units. But that only worked if every one of us stood right in front of it. So every one of us tried adding fans all over the 2nd floor. This helped a bit but every one of us knew there was no way every one of us could survive a July plus November up there without some real Heating plus A/C cooling. An Heating plus A/C tech I guess came over to have a look at our situation. I was hoping he might be able to rig the central air proposal to blow upstairs a bit. Turns out that is impossible. Instead, our friend suggested every one of us buy a mini-chop heating plus cooling system. These systems don’t need any ducts to do the job. Plus, our friend said that he plus I could install it on a Monday. It was that simple to install.

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