For the longest time I struggled with finding my way in life. To be clear, it was never a matter of lacking hustle or enthusiasm, I just lacked a plan or any real guidance. In other words, I was a difficult worker however short on original ideas, so I usually took whatever task seemed best at the time. This caused myself and others to go through a lot of tasks over a number of years. It was only relatively recently that I found a absolutely good task that I enjoyed, with a boss I respected. After a year there, I realized that the corporation was slowly going under, because of stiff competition from other Heating, Ventilation and A/C maintenance providers. The market in this neighborhood had become overpopulated in a legitimately short time, and where there used to be a half dozen Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair shops around neighborhood now there were over 20. There wasn’t enough heating and cooling labor to go around, and every one of us were all suffering because of that. Around this same time my sister asked myself and others to watch her apartment for her, which included checking the temperature control every day. She was going to be gone a long time and didn’t want to leave the AC off for the whole time or the dampness would beginning to build up. This provided my boss an idea, and every one of us started advertising a maintenance where every one of us would manage your climate control levels for you, and make all needed adjustments, while you were away. The people I was with and I could also perform repairs while you were at work, so I hope this idea takes off.

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