Although not particularally common in our town, I live in an unbelievably cozy a single study room home that has a lakeview.

There is just a short walk from our backdoor to the waterbank where I keep our kayak plus canoe.

For a single man who enjoys outdoor recreation whenever I’m not tied up at work, living here has been a dream come true. Some people might have called it a ‘fixer upper’ when I bought it, undoubtedly assuming there would be too much work involved to beautify it. In reality, this home simply had ancient aesthetics from the lack of any renovations since the 1975s. The chaletets, shelves, plus furniture all looked old. But, with a bit of help from several friends plus various weeks of patient work, the more than two of us have turned this arena around plus made it a lovely plus stylish modern beach home for myself. I was distraught about the costs associated with the heating plus cooling method installation. The small home didn’t come with a central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system; I guess the previous tenants must have used a portable A/C or something of that nature. I talked to a few Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C suppliers on the iPhone. Eventually, I spoke to someone who was blunt plus told me that for the space I was toiling with in this particular temperature, I could get by with a single or several window A/Cs plus nothing else. There would be no need for a central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method of any kind. So far, the performance of the several window units I’m running in tandem has been phenomenal, definitely cooling our a single study room home is little time. The best area of all is that I found them both during a huge clearance sale, breaking off $100 from the sale of each.

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