I recently moved into a new house with two of my really good friends.

We have all lived together before and thought it would be fun to have our own place now that we aren’t in college anymore.

We moved in about a month ago and so far everything is going great. We do really like living together and we haven’t had any issues yet. The place we moved into is really great too. We are able to have people over to the house pretty regularly because we have a lot of room. Our backyard is huge too! We even have a mango tree in the backyard that is producing fruit. I could not have asked for a better situation. However, we are having problems with the smart thermostat that came with the house. Our landlord is very techy and had the best appliances installed right before we all moved into the house. However, the smart thermostat is really giving us some troubles. For some reason the smart thermostat will just change temperatures in the middle of the day without anyone adjusting the thermostat. I did some research online and figured out that our smart thermostat was programmed on a schedule that we would have to change in order to manually set the temperature of the HVAC system. It took me a couple of hours of messing with the smart thermostat to finally figure out how to deprogram the schedule that our landlord had on it. I hope that I was able to fix the problem because we really don’t want to have to call an HVAC company to come out to the house if we can just fix the problem ourselves.

Cooling technician