There are interesting & innovative ways to heat your beach condo that go beyond forced air units.

After all, there can be quite a few problems with conventional oil furnaces.

You might find that there are a good deal of cold spots & drafts throughout certain rooms & that some rooms heat up better than others. You might also be aggravated with the fact that the hot air is most effective at the higher levels of the room instead of reaching down to the floor where you are! Radiant heated flooring solves all these problems & makes for a much more even & efficient heating experience! With radiant heated flooring, the heat source emanates from below the floorboards, but either tubes filled with electricity or pipes filled withwarmwater circulate hot air throughout the beach condo from beneath the floor. This means that the heat rises up from the floor & evenly distributed throughout the room. You may never need a thick pair of socks, even in the Wintertide time, ever again! Drafts & cold spots are essentially eliminated by radiant heated flooring, because thewarmair is not blowing down from vents, it is rising up from the floor… Radiant heated flooring can make your entire beach condo recognize nice & toasty. However, the fact that the heat source is below the floor means that the floorboards will have to be pulled up in order for upgrade to take location. If you want to install radiant heated flooring, you need to be prepared for quite the beach condo improvement project!


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