I’ve a bit of a concern for the past year while trying to sleep. My bed is right under the air vents of the central heating plus cooling system. And when the central heating plus cooling method turns on, it blows directly on me. In the Winter, when the heating comes on, it’s all good. But for some reason, when the air conditioner comes on in the Summer, it makes me freeze as if it was the middle of the Winter! I don’t believe what’s wrong with it, but I got fed up with our sleep being messed up from the air conditioner; So, I went plus I took out a bank loan plus got a zoned Heating plus A/C method installed into our home. The zoned Heating plus A/C method gives me something called Heating plus A/C zone control, so I was able to have the air conditioner in our home office only turned to a higher setting on the thermostat so I would not freeze so easily, then of course, I could have just moved our bed, but I had tried that before, plus the room itself still was getting way too cold. But now, with having Heating plus A/C zone control from a nice zoned Heating plus A/C system, this is no more! I have been able to get much better sleep, not wake up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps from being so chilly cold… Not to mention, this has made life for the rest of our family much better. They can now have the thermostat set to whatever their personal Heating plus A/C needs are without arging with each other. It’s really a neato thing!

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