I am the manager of a very fancy, very large bakery in a large urban city in the United States.

We make some of the best cakes in the country, and we have made food for some of the most famous people in our area.

People who I know are always asking me on tips for making baked foods, and they always want to know what the most important part of baking is. Outside of the proper ingredients and cooking process, the way that you use your HVAC units will make a huge difference in how your cakes turn out. Have you ever been inside of a really warm bakery? No, you probably have not. In fact, air conditioners are very important if you own a bakery. After cakes are baked, it is important for cakes to be cooled and stay cool during the frosting process. Air conditioners can help to keep the cake cool as it is being frosted, which saves from a lot of mess. If the temperature in the bakery is too warm, the frosting will begin to melt, which will ruin the entire cake. Air conditioning is also helpful for the cooks who spend hours standing next to hot overs or working delicately on cakes. Air conditioning keeps them cool and comfortable, which helps them to work better. During the winter, it is very important that we control our use of the furnace. While we cannot just leave the furnace off, we do still have to make sure that the temperature is cooler or we will have the same problems with the food.



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