My hubby in addition to I flip properties as a activity; My partner is a building contractor, in addition to she has her own business.

I work as an accountant for a tied up computing firm, and when things are slow for both of us, the two of us look for houses to maintenance in addition to flip.

Last year, my partner in addition to I brought our really first home building. The home building is downtown, in addition to the arena used to be Corporate Apartments. The building has been vacant for 8 years, in addition to a lot of repairs needed to be completed before the two of us could rent out any of the apartments. Since my partner in addition to I decided to turn the building into Corporate Apartments for lease, the two of us acquired some financial help from the Bank. There are special loans available for projects such as these. My partner in addition to I spend every weekend for 6 weeks laboring on the corporate apartments for lease. Every one of us painted every one of the apartments in addition to laid down brand new carpet. Every one of us also decided to furnace each one of the arenas with a full home office, home office, in addition to home office. Most Corporate Apartments for lease are furnished, in addition to the two of us wanted to be sure that our Apartments would rent instantly. My partner in addition to I had to take a second mortgage on our home to buy the building. Every one of us research the market for weeks, before deciding on the rental prices, but after that, the two of us paid for an extreme advertising campaign that included television commercials, stereo ads, in addition to giant Banners at the property. The corporate apartments for lease have been ready for a few months, in addition to the two of us already have 68% occupancy, however buying the building was a good choice, in addition to my partner in addition to I had a lot of fun remodeling each of the apartments. I can’t wait to see what our next project will be.