You know, it amazes me how there’s so many people out there that insist on going through “do it yourself” upgrades, however sure, there’s easier projects to pursue like installing a new home office appliance set, however there’s others that are daunting to say the least… For example, about a year ago, our associate decided to get a radiant heated flooring plan installed throughout his house.

It was a charmingly useful plan to have during the winter, however it still had a lot of trouble getting off the ground! For a single, he wasn’t a professional heating & air conditioning system maintenance professional.

He had experience as a carpenter, however that was about it! So, it left him without the regular guess how to get the new plan installed respectfully. The same thing happened to me, because I had to deal with our plan losing its effectiveness to cool down our house. After doing some research, I found that the cause was the ducttoil being disfigured by pests. This meant I had to replace the air ducts! The only trouble was, I had no way to spend our savings for a professional to come as well as perform the necessary upgrade. I obtained the ducttoil myself, as well as spent months trying to get the new ducttoil installed! It wound up being a catastrophic failure. At that point, I had no choice however to invest in professional services, just to make sure the new air ducts could be installed officially the first time!

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