My spouse and I prefer to go on road trips… The people I was with and I try to go on a road trip about once a year just to get away and have some time for ourselves.

This has gotten much harder in the past couple years since the two of us now have more than two kids; However, when the two of us do decided that the two of us are going to take a road trip, the two of us always ask my mom to come over and watch the kids, but my mom likes enjoying the kids so it’s a great time for her to bond with them while the two of us are away.

My spouse and I have been going on road trips for so long that the two of us no longer care what kind of hotel the two of us stay in. normally, the two of us will just stay in a motel that has a terrible HVAC system. The people I was with and I have absolutely gotten used to these crappy HVAC units that motels have in the rooms, and you never suppose what to expect, so the two of us always pack an extra blanket and fan just in case the room is too hot or too cold, however i absolutely don’t even need to sleep with the HVAC device on at this point because I can fall asleep just about somewhere. However, my spouse is weird and likes for the HVAC device to be set to a particular temperature. I have told him numerous times this just is not possible in a motel room, but he will just set up his fan or just use the blanket if the temperature isn’t right.


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