When I made the decision to move off the grid last year, I knew that I was going to deal with a major lifestyle change.

I always enjoyed handling my daily chores the old-fashioned way, though I still had my days when I would’ve loved to have the modern conveniences around.

I remember getting pretty sick with the flu last winter, too – knowing that I had to go outside and chop my own wood for the fireplace was almost too much to bear! With that, I decided that I would get power connected to my house, along with running water. After all, I enjoyed living outside of the city more than anything else. I was especially happy to have these modern appliances around now, as I really needed them to make life a bit easier for me to manage. The most useful modern appliance was definitely the heating and air conditioning systems! Through the rest of this past winter, I was able to rely on my new central heating system. It’s powered using a wood pellet stove, so I’m still living with appliances that use old-fashioned principles. As for air conditioning, I have a simple window mounted A/C unit in my living room. My cabin is pretty small, so I don’t need anything too powerful to cool down the cabin during hot summer days. Besides, the climate stays fairly cool through most of the year anyway! That’s what I love so much about the area – the air quality is always wonderful since I’m far from the pollution of the city. In turn, that means the indoor air quality at my cabin is usually just as good.
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