Say what you will about them & their notoriety as “fire starters”, although I assume portable space gas heating systems are one of the best tools for heating a home – especially here in the south! See, portable space gas heating systems don’t need a gas line to work.

They don’t run on wood or pellets & snacks of wood, either – they just need a single dedicated power outlet to run! Now, to dispel some urban legends about portable electric space heaters, it’s important to remember that I said a “dedicated” power outlet.

Portable space gas heating systems can’t share power plugs with other appliances, & they especially can’t be used in a power strip or in the same outlet as another space heater! It’s also important to remember that more than two feet of open, uninhibited airflow must surround the space heating system for it to work. It can be positioned near a wall or in the corner of the room, but nothing can be in front of the machine! Not only will that slow the space heating system in its efforts to heat up the area, but it will also cause whatever is in front of the space heating system to absorb all of the heat. That can result in a number of problems that range from inconvenient to downright dangerous! Finally, it’s important to consider what kind of portable electric space heating system you’re using tooverheatedup. If you want the air in the lake house or room tooverheatedup, a convection space heating system is needed, and however, if the objects in the room, such as people, beds or couches are to be warmed up separate from affecting the air in the room, a space heating system that radiates heat is the best option, just exercise some common sense when using a portable space heater, & everything will pan out just fine!
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