It can be a daunting experience when you are getting ready to open a campground for the summer.

I was a Girl Scout leader for multiple years plus every year, all of the leaders in the section got together plus the people I was with and I readied the campground for the round-ups plus for campers.

Both of us had powder rooms to scrub plus sanitize plus mess halls to scrub plus sanitize. When the people I was with and I got into the one powder room area, the people I was with and I found out that it had been vandalized over the winter. It wasn’t just any vandal that had gone inside plus ripped up the area, but it was some kind of critter. There was dirt everywhere plus some of the tiles had been ripped out. Both of us had to get a professional janitorial supplier to come in plus do some real floor cleaning for us. The floor cleaners brought in some heavy duty unit plus they first took out all of the broken tiles plus grout. The remaining grout was cleaned thoroughly plus resealed when the modern grout was sealed. By the time the professional floor cleaners were done, it looked adore the people I was with and I an all modern floor in that powder room. Both of us were all arguing over whose troop was going to sleep in the tents that were closest to these powder rooms. By the time the professional janitorial team was done, all of the powder rooms were sparkling plus so was the mess hall. Both of us were left to scrub all of the platform tents plus get rid of the critters plus debris that had made their homes inside. Both of us were wishing there was a professional janitorial repair that could do this task.

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