In the morning when I wake up, our home office is cold cold.

  • I like it that way.

I always turn our a/c up so that I can sleep well, and in the morning, I wake up really easily. As I shower, I like to turn the water down to a cooler temperature to help myself and others to stay cool. I don’t likeoverheatedwater becauseoverheatedwater makes myself and others know sleepy. Also, if I use cold water in the shower, then the air-conditioned air doesn’t know like such a drastic difference when I am finished showering. There is only 1 thing that can ruin our day, and that is leaving our house, and when I leave the condo with its a/c, the sweltering heat outside is almost unbearable. As soon as I walk out, our glasses fog up from the heat and humidity. If I stay outside for just a few minutes, I begin to sweat and aroma bad; Unfortunately, when I open our car door, it feels like a oil furnace in there too! The a/c has to run for a few minutes to cool down, although I don’t have time to wait for it. This means that I will have to climb into our own personal oil furnace and drive to work, dripping with sweat even more. I don’t find any relief until I walk through the doors of our office. The cool air hits our face and even makes myself and others know like I walked into a Winter time weather conditions. I know cold at first, although I suddenly get over it, preferring the cold over the heat.

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