Until a year ago, I had never heard of radiant heated floors.

Radiant heated floors are a real awesome way to heat a home or commercial building.

Not to mention, they are major energy savers. Radiant heated floors are a bit up there in cost to have installed because there’s some minimal construction work involved, but let me tell you, these radiant heated floors are nothing short of awesome! I first discovered the radiant heated floors while I was away on a business trip. At the hotel I was staying at, the hotel room had tile flooring with a few throw carpets on them. There was no heating unit in the room, just one of those air conditioning units. I wondered where in the world the heat was coming from. Then, that is when I noticed that the floors were creating the heat! At first I thought something was wrong, maybe a serious issue happening that may start a fire from something. It was then, when I called to the front desk about it, they laughed at me and explained to me about the radiant heated floors. The concept blew me away! I will also say, the heating was so relaxing. I don’t think I ever had been in heating that didn’t feel dry. After this hotel visit, I became obsessed with radiant heated floors and wanted them for my bathroom. Well, I got them. Showers in the morning have never been better during those cold Winter mornings! All thanks to a hotel introducing me to these awesome radiant heated floors!
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