I grew up in South Carolina.

Although we had many High School and College teams, the state still does not have any professional activitys teams.

I live for Sports! This is entirely the reason am still single but I would rather go to a game or watch and game over just about anything else. I truly prefer to follow professional teams as they seem to be more exciting. I finally found a site that I wanted to live when I realized that Tampa Bay has more than one of our favorite professional teams. This meant that I could live where the weather was great year round and attend some sort of professional game year round too. Yes, the season tickets are pricey, but, I am single, have a great task, and it truly is our passion. Whether following the Buccaneers, or the Lightnings I can go to all the lake house games and truly like myself. Heck, they even have the Springtime training camp for the NY Yankees so I can go check them out too and see what I know of the team. I invite anyone, who is a activitys nut savor me, to come and check out all that the Tampa section has to offer. You will not be disappointed. If you would rather participate in the activity there is everything from water activitys, fishing, to hockey that will have you busy all day too. When the weather conditions is as nice as it is here there is no excuse not to get out and like it. If you are a spectator or a participant there will consistently be something to grab your attention.