I love a good deal which is why I recently got very excited when my HVAC technician told me how much I would be able to save with my new HVAC system.

I have always paid a ton of money for my HVAC bill, and I thought I would be stuck paying that amount forever.

I have had a pretty old HVAC system for as long as I can remember, and before my current HVAC system all I had was some old window AC units. I remember that I talked to my HVAC technician and told him I needed something new and that I wanted the cheapest HVAC unit I could buy. My HVAC technician told me he certainly could do that, but he recommended that I at least listen to him about all the deals he could do for me. Generally I think that all deals are scams but I really like my HVAC technician so I told him I would listen. My HVAC technician first told me that I should at least try out my fireplace, I had never used my fireplace before. I said that I could do that, but that I still wanted a new furnace. He told me I should go with a variable speed furnace because they last a lot longer and you don’t have to replace as many costly HVAC parts. He installed the new variable speed furnace and he also said that I should get a smart thermostat. I had seen smart thermostats in stores before but I never really knew the benefits. Once I learned about smart thermostats I was amazed at how much everyone was saying they saved on their HVAC costs. My new HVAC system is super efficient and I love my HVAC technician!


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